Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Moon Rabbit taking hiatus from blogging here!

Moon Rabbit have politcal aspirations

Moon Rabbit have problem with

Moon Rabbit has contacted to fix problem

Moon Rabbit has not had problem fixed

Moon Rabbit MAD! Moon Rabbit want to SMASH!

Moon Rabbit get even!

Bad, Bad, Bad! Bad!

Moon Rabbit be back after fuzzy heads at get heads out of asses!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I have been FOUND OUT!

I suppose it's up to me to APOLOGIZE, right here, right now. You see, for years now I have been dreaming of worldwide conquest! Yes, worldwide conquest! and I could not find any others that wanted to venture into this with me, because of their fear of treachery down the road, which I can readily say that I do NOT blame those that I have approached.

But then I hit on what seemed like a foolproof plan, I would enlist the aid of the much maligned garden gnomes that all of you well meaning, but also insensitive types seem to get a kick oput of placing in your underworked, underfed, jungle like gardens.

Let me tell you right here, Garden Gnomes DO have their dignity, they are NOT like that simpering sell out, the Travelocity gnome and seek recognition and gnomes are shy, retirng and for the most part extremely dignified.

Anyway, the GBI(Gnome Bureau of Investigation)came knocking last night. After removing the three hundred gnomes that I had carefully and comfortably stashed away, behind a wall of leakng oil drums, and from the midst of numerous oil stains, dirty rags, pesticides, fertilizer and several broken down lawn mowers, I was told to issue an apolgy for my definite antisocial leanings.

So, "Are you remorseful Moon Rabbit?" you ask. IN a word...NO! Had I been given a decent interval of time I would have transformed this collection of polyurethane, fiberglass and concrete beings into the mightiest army of conquest that the entire gardening world had never seen before. We would have ruled the world in all of our glory, we would have terra formed this entire planet and made miraculous changes in the way you people pot your plants!

But NOOOO! Somebody had to go snitch me out!

I'm going to get even, you can rest assured of that...Just this morning I have managed to recruit (5) five...count 'em...lawn flamingoes to my cause. Soon, the pink wave of doom will roll across this world. Then you'll see I'm NOT just some ordinary gnome napper or flamingo filcher.

Remember, the pink wave of doom is coming! Wait for it, make sure the wifey and the little rugrats are safe from this onslaught!

Gee, I hope little Bobby the paper boy didn't catch on to my recruit

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Apologies!

My Apologies Y'all! Bonnie Princess Charlene, our Malamute/wolf is having puppies this am, so in lieu of writing my elucidating words of wisdom, I will direct you to my previous blogs. I know that you will find t extremely difficult to struggle through your mundane day without my fresh words of wisdom to lead you and guide you, but this event now at hand takes precedence.

Well, I'm NOT really sorry, I was just trying to be polite.
OMG! Did I just write THAT! Damn! ROFLMAO! Have a GREAT DAY Gentle Reader!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

As I sit here...

As I sit here this am I have been contemplating my journalstic odyessy, where I've been, where I'm going, blah,blah,blah!

One thing I HAVE found is that there is NO end to things I can make light of, ridicule and point out the obvious absudity of.

I had someone write me an EMail yesterday condeming me for making light of the Botox injections which I had written in an earlier blog(several weeks hence) His ire was directed to the fact that I made light of such a 'serious procedure', which I know for a fact is NOT, but this dude! WOW! is all I can say...

Had we been speaking face to face, I have no doubts in my mind at all that he would have been red faced, strident and just this side of having a stroke...or worse!

Then came the threats! That did it! In the beginning of my blog creation, I made it damned plain and simple that this blog was for nothing more than fun...This clown took me seriously!

I do not and will not take threats to me, my family, my computer and my journalistic reputation lightly, as a matter of fact it IS quite dangerous to the threatener to engage in such actions, not to mention foolish and childish.

But the one thing that made me laugh my ass off was he also threatened to NOT read my blogs EVER AGAIN!

Cool! Like I'm going to go crush my testicles in a vise and slash my wrists, which he advised me to do because he's NOT going to read my blogs? UH HUH! SUUURRREEEE I AM!, YEAH<>

It's NOT a good idea to deliberately piss me off and the operative word there is deliberately, which I have no doubts he set out to do, but it took me a half hour to track down his ISP and now I'm left with the option of sending him a virus or siccing the cops on him...or...just ignoring him!
Which I am inclined to do, but we'll see...

My personal leanings are to teach this whack job a lesson he will NOT soon forget, because it's REALLY,REALLY,REALLY evident that Mom and Dad did not spank that ass enough, and I hate spoiled, potty mouth, self centric, maniacally moronic people.

Just for the RECORD, I can and WILL take constructive criticism, it IS ALWAYS a delight to read other's well thought out words and ideas, but to come at me like this jerk did WILL bring out the worst in me in thought, word and POSSIBLY deed.

I suppose I could get profane and vulgar and vile about this jerk, but THAT accomplishes NOTHING, so it won't anyway...ROFLMAO!

So, my advice to all readers is if you DON'T like what I write...TOUGH!...Go read Dear Abby, Garfield or some such inane drivel that passes for journalism and/or entertainment. But if you're inthe mood for sarcasm, silliness and finger pointing and ridicule, c'mon back and have fun HERE!

Hey! Waitress, where's my Latte? and don't forget the carrot swizzle stick! Jeez! It's really hard to find good help these days!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tsk Tsk, Tsk!

Johnny, Johnny,Johnny, Just WHAT are we going to do with you? I mean, you pitching that hissy fit in Rhode Island no less and getting tossed from the Hall of Fame Tennis Match...WHAT'S UP WITH THAT dude?

John, look, if uh...your internal plumbing was clogged up and you were in a modicum of discomfort, I'm sure that the officials there would understand...All you have to do is go to them and tell them that you're full of crap...they'll understand...really they will. Then again, they may already know it, ...know what I mean?

Just to be on the safe side, John, I'm sure that there IS a store somewhere that sells the All Bran Product you've been touting for a year now, all you have to do is GO LOOK FOR IT!

Dude, you're close to half a century old, haven't you got it yet? The world does not revolve around YOU. But to protect your rep, I will tell people that you are indeed full of it and just need some cereal to get you back to your vibrant, exciting, volatile self.

Oh yeah, one more thing, PLEASE grow up...OK?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


As most of you, if not all know by now that I do not suffer fools, morons, idiots, jerk offs and dick heads very lightly.

I have been doing quite a bit of research for an upcoming novel and I am afraid that I may have to trash THAT particular idea completely. Reason being, I cannot hold the contents of my stomach down when I read the pages and notes I have collected for this novel.

So, I will lay it out for you Gentle Reader and I desperately need some feedback on this.

I have been a student of history and people for well onto sixty years now and have seen changes that have made me go Hmmmmm, but there is one constancy that I do not, cannot and will not ever understand. That is the constancy of racial hatred.

When I decided to delve into this particular subject, I had no idea whatsoever of what I was getting into, as I dug and dug and dug deeper I have uncovered an undercurrent that seems to run a segment of our population.

And THAT undercurrent makes me violently ill.

I have found Neo-Nazi websites, that in my aggrandized opinion needs to be shut down, taken from the web and all of their pages piled high, soaked with coal oil and set ablaze...NOW

Kill the niggers, Kill the Jews, Kill the queers, Kill the lesbians, kill this, kill that, kill the other thing, the diatribe never stops, the diatribe never changes, the diatribe preaches a constant of racial hatred, prejudice and murder. The diatribe should not be tolerated! PERIOD!

Yeah, Yeah, yeah, I know, OUR First Amendment gives these sickos a marginal protection, but the operative word there IS marginal. BUT, the damned thng about it is, if your mind is twisted JUST enough, the horseshit these wackos espouse makes sense in some sort of sick, demented, misbegotten way. I actually found myself getting more and more interested in what was there.

MIND YOU, I said INTERESTED, NOT agreeable...

My interest came from the question: Where does this vomit come from? Hatred is NOT a genetically encoded birth thing, hatred is LEARNED.

HOW is it learned? At your fathers knee and other joints. Why is it learned? Because itbegins at birth and is taught from infancy all the way to adulthood AND beyond! WHY? Because the generation that preceeded taught it and the generation before that and the generation before that and that will go on and on and on and on and...and...and...

The next words here are difficult for me to write, because I am NOT sure how to espouse this particular theory...

The individuals in the family units that teach, preach, eat, sleep, breathe racial hatred and violence are so weak, so cowardly, so caught up in their own personal and familial failings that they have no option but to take out their own individual misery on others that they do not, cannot and will choice...understand...DOES THIS THEORY MAKE SENSE?

I should hope so, BUT the major problem IS: When this miserable wretches band together, they create a vortex of sorts and this vortex can swallow up others that are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and then THAT vortex grows exponentially until it reaches the F-5 stage(Fujita Tornado Scale usage...sorry!)

So, for the lasting, permanent record I for one DENOUNCE Neo-nazi skin head idiots, I for one DENOUNCE racially biased and racial hatred groups and in my own personal opinion, they all need to be either exterminated like cockroaches or imprisoned for the rest of their entire natural earth borne lives, and with that remark I have made myself JUST AS BAD AS THEY ARE!

However, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and hopefully, the many are those that do not espouse such policies, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Are the racially motivated haters Socially Malengineered? YES! Is there a way to change that Social Malengineering? I don't know, I just don't and for once I find myself at odds ends, trying to put this particular matter to rest inside of my pointy little head.

Just for the record, I am not talking EXCLUSIVELY about White Supremacist groups, OH NO! NOT by a long shot, I'm talkng about...well...let's just say another organization that IS prominent begins with an N and ends with a P and there are more high profile sites that espouse the same kind of vomit the Neo-nazi's do, but in a different way so as to protect their oh so well polished images...BAH! Enough is ENOUGH!

So, Gentle Reader, do I go forth with my project? At the risk of becoming bulimic or do I just shelve the whole damn thing until I can get my hands on a years supply of Compazine?

Time for the Good Ol' Moon Rabbit to hop on down the dusty farm lane and rip another 7-UP off of that good looking blonde, maybe it will settle my stomach...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There Are NO REAL heroes!

I have sat back and watched a situation that defies description, and then again maybe it does NOT!
For over a decade or more COMIC BOOK Hero movies have grossed millions upon millions of hard earned American dollars at the box office.

Reason: At first I seriously thought it was because the public at large was in dire and desperate need of inane drivel thinly disguised as 'entertainment'.

But: I realized that I was indeed extremely wrong, which you will find that normally I am NEVER wrong!

We have the need for heroes, somebody that we can look up to, fashion some small part of your pointless lives after, maybe even adopt some small part of your hero's attitudes toward something.

But now, the American public at large seems to feel the need to idolize a comic book hero. Be it Batman, The Silver Surfer, The Wolverine etc etc etc etc etc.

It's really sad that we no longer look to the REAL people in this very real life of ours to fashion our attitudes, our very lives after. Has the American public sank so low, are they so blind, are they so friggin' STUPID that they cannot see the REAL heroes in our society?

Sadly the answer is a no doubt about it, hands down around the table, most definitely resounding YES!

We have troops in Iraq that are dying every day, they are your heroes, we have police on patrol onour streets and highways, they are your heroes, we have teachers in the classroom, underpaid and definitely under appreciated, they are your heroes, we have Trauma Nurses and Surgeons that save lives and treat the wounded and damaged, they are your heroes, we have EMT's out on the highways and byways respondiong to car wrecks, etc etc etc they are your heroes, and this list could and should go on and on and on and on and...and...and...

Forget wasting your money on the movies, wake up, look around you, we DO have heroes around us every minute of every day of every month of every year.